buying a home

Buying a Home? 13 Questions to Ask When You Think You’ve Found The One

So, you think you’ve found The One: the perfect house in a stellar neighborhood with the cutest little front porch and the most amazing backyard and the biggest closet you’ve ever seen and holy mackerel the bathroom in this place and it’s totally in your price range and…and…and… And… slow down for just a second. […]

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real estate agent

Real Estate Agent vs. FSBO

So, you’ve decided to put your home on the market. Bet we can guess the question rolling around in your head: Do I really need a real estate agent to help me sell this place? Maybe not. That may seem like a strange thing for real estate firm to say. But we value integrity above […]

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home staging

Responding to the Top 4 “BUTS” of Home Staging

Every real estate professional’s been there. You meet with a new client about selling their home. You talk timeline, and the client seems excited. You discuss price point, and the client smiles hopefully. You say the word staging, and the nodding and smiling abruptly end. You know what’s coming next: “But…” Whether your clients have […]

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Sell My Home

4 Weekend Projects That Can Help You Sell Your Home Fast

If you’re like most people, your two biggest concerns when you put your home on the market involve time and money. How long will it take to sell my home? How much am I going to get for it? There are a numbers of factors that influence the answer to both of those questions, many […]

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The Ups and Downs of Downsizing

While new homes are getting bigger and bigger—gaining nearly 15% more square footage since 1990—many current homeowners are thinking about ditching their big digs for smaller spaces. Whether you’re a Boomer who’s tired of cleaning a large, empty nest or a Gen Xer who’s intrigued by minimalism, downsizing may be just the change you need. […]

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real estate demographics

How To (Legally) Market to Specific Demographics

For marketers, the path to success is paved with confident responses to three questions: Who is your audience? What does your audience need /want? How does your product meet that need/want? The same holds true for real estate professionals. A keen understanding of different buyer groups’ unique preferences can help you advertise and show properties more […]

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Real Estate Acronyms

Decoding Real Estate Acronyms & Abbreviations

Reading real estate listings can feel a bit like trying to crack a secret code. Random letters—some all-caps and others not—are smashed together into the tiniest of spaces. Sometimes, a number appears. On occasion, you’ll come across an entire “sentence” that contains not a single vowel. You try to sound things out, hoping a light […]

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listing syndicator

The Truth About Listing Syndicators

Depending on whom you ask, listing syndicators like Trulia and Zillow are either real estate’s “sliced bread” or they’re the worst industry development imaginable. They make a mess of listings, critics say. They give outdated information and display inaccurate photos, and they send potential clients to the wrong agents. Also, they steal intellectual property from […]

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The Facts About Contingencies

Buyers and sellers share a common foe in real estate: An over-abundance of paperwork filled with acronyms, abbreviations, and nearly unintelligible legalese. Your real estate professional can help you decipher all of it, of course. But having some basic understanding of important concepts will help you feel empowered in your decision-making. In this post, we’ll […]

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When Stadiums Come to Town: How Pro Sports Will Impact Las Vegas Real Estate

As we just witnessed in the Big Game, come-from-behind-victories are the stuff of legends. Las Vegas is working on a Cinderella story of its own. Our iconic town is fighting back after the Great Recession of the late 2000s, and experiencing significant gains in real estate, population growth and employment. So what’s next in Vegas’ playbook? Pro […]

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Politics and Real Estate

How Politics Could Affect Your Career as a Realtor

Every news source from The New York Times to Market Watch, Forbes and the Washington Post has written about how the Trump White House will affect Real Estate. Opinions and reactions are mixed when it comes to how greatly the housing market and homeowners will be impacted. But for Realtors, it’s worth looking at history to […]

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real estate

Welcome to the Vegas One Realty Blog

Welcome to the Vegas One Realty Blog! Along with a new website that makes it easier for homebuyers to find the perfect agent, learn about Las Vegas neighborhoods and search for homes, this blog will provide potential homebuyers and sellers, and Realtors with the latest news, tips, and trends in Real Estate. The blog will feature a new post each week. Exclusively for Realtors […]

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