How to Compromise Like a Pro

In 1990, General Motors (GM) brand Saturn revolutionized the car-buying experience with its introduction of “no-haggle” pricing. The basic idea: The sticker price on the window was the price of the car. Period. No high-pressure sales tactics. No math. No, “Let me talk to my manager.” No endless back-and-forth. It was a simple, beautiful, transparent […]

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find new real estate clients

12 Ways to Find New Real Estate Clients

“The person who is waiting for something to turn up might start with their shirt sleeves.” – Garth Henrichs Being self-employed as a real estate professional requires discipline, stick-to-it-iveness, organization, people skills, determination, integrity, and, most importantly, hustle. We can’t simply cross our fingers and wish for success; we have to work for it—particularly if […]

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buying a home

Buying a Home? 13 Questions to Ask When You Think You’ve Found The One

So, you think you’ve found The One: the perfect house in a stellar neighborhood with the cutest little front porch and the most amazing backyard and the biggest closet you’ve ever seen and holy mackerel the bathroom in this place and it’s totally in your price range and…and…and… And… slow down for just a second. […]

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home staging

Responding to the Top 4 “BUTS” of Home Staging

Every real estate professional’s been there. You meet with a new client about selling their home. You talk timeline, and the client seems excited. You discuss price point, and the client smiles hopefully. You say the word staging, and the nodding and smiling abruptly end. You know what’s coming next: “But…” Whether your clients have […]

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Real Estate Trends

3 Keys to Keeping Up with Real Estate Trends

Real estate is an ever-morphing profession. The only constant is change. Whether it’s a shift in the economy, a bump in employment statistics, or yet another swing in the suburb-to-urban-core pendulum, our success depends on our ability to identify, interpret, and act based on these trends. With so many moving parts, how can we keep […]

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