The Value of Quality Real Estate Professionals

This article originally appears in Las Vegas Living Magazine in September 2015

What do armed forces, athletics, and real estate all have in common? For Tommy Leigh, who has all three of these professions under his belt, it comes down to teamwork: something he became familiar with early on in his life. Enlisting in the military at just 17 years old, Tommy never would’ve guessed that by age 30 he would become a broker and owner of a top real estate company in Las Vegas. Since then, he has managed to bring his prior knowledge of teamwork into his current real estate business, Vegas One Realty, making it the booming success that it is.

Tommy began his career as a member of the United States Air Force after his parents instilled in him the belief that “nothing in life comes without sacrifice and getting your hands dirty.” After honorably serving in the military, Tommy decided to move into semiprofessional athletics and arena football. He became well aware that teamwork was not only important, but also necessary in his career. “Being part of a team has helped me tremendously in life, sports, and business. None of it would have been possible without leadership and teammates,” Tommy said.

With this mindset and a desire to venture into business, Tommy made his way into real estate in 2006—a major risk, as this was during the housing market crash. However, this former airman really stuck to his guns, so to speak. “I looked at it as a survival of the fittest; I wanted it more than the others that quit or failed.” He wanted it so badly, in fact, that in 2013 he bought out Vegas One Realty, officially taking over as the new owner and broker.

Tommy’s excitement as head of the company quickly turned into overhaul. Working anywhere between 14 to 17 hours a day, seven days a week, Tommy completely transformed the infrastructure of the business. He implemented many changes including: a full-time manager, marketing systems, company branding, proper training, and an expansion of the office. In renovating the company from the ground up, Tommy and his team created a household name in Las Vegas that would last.

Never one to sell himself short, Tommy is not just a real estate broker, but also an established mortgage broker with a specialty in VA loans. He works closely with armed forces, even in his post-military career, by striving to give back to the community in many admirable ways. Sponsoring military athletic teams at Nellis Air Force Base, for instance, Tommy provides an outlet for members to enjoy themselves in some friendly competition and camaraderie. His military and athletic background has certainly molded him into the businessman he is today.

What Tommy finds most rewarding in his career is not measured in his own success; rather, it is special moments in which he’s helped families find their homes. He still vividly recalls handing the keys to a client who never imagined owning a home and whose children had never had rooms of their own before. Tommy also remembers assisting a dying veteran—someone whose final wish in life was to know that his wife and son would be left with a roof over their heads. It is the heartfelt instances like these that prove Vegas One Realty is a top-notch company that genuinely cares. The company’s motto, “We look at business differently,” couldn’t be truer for Tommy and that ever-important team of his.

The Value of Quality Real Estate Professionals

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or looking to buy a new one, choosing the right Realtor®can make all the difference. It’s not just about finding an agent you like and trust, but also finding one that can help you with whatever needs you may encounter, from residential purchasing to property management.

A real estate professional should take pride in ensuring that you and your family feel comfortable with any necessary decisions, and also make sure that you receive the very best service. Whether you are a first-time buyer or experienced in the home purchasing and/or selling process, real estate professionals should be committed to helping you in every way possible because they possess the proper expertise and knowledge.

Residential purchasing and listing, in-house property management, commercial real estate, and land acquisition are just some of the aspects a capable team should be able to help with. A real estate company that has comprehensive experience with a variety of different services is an incredible asset—you will have peace of mind knowing that you can always count on your trustworthy team of professionals. Additionally, professionals who have strong and long-standing relationships with credit repair counselors as well as local real estate mortgage brokers have the tools to make your life easier.

Vegas One Realty can handle all of your real estate needs and are committed to assist you in every way possible. The professionals at Vegas One Realty look at business differently. Tommy Leigh is the broker and owner of Vegas One Realty, and looks forward to having the chance to exceed your expectations.

For more information, you can call Tommy at 702-460-8143, call the Vegas One Realty office at 702-768-1115, email him at or visit their website at Lic #144063

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